Bushes & Wall Decor

More WIPs today! Again very short and straight forward - there really isn't that much to this process!

Wall Decor

Starting off with some sketches, as usual!

Apply shading & details...

A wall full of vines/roots.

More bushes!

Sketching out the base for the bushes..

We're gonna reuse & adjust one bush, as well as make a new one.

Placing them out & realizing it'd be cool to have some smaller ones too!

Adding detail and it's done!

The room so far...
And this is pretty much what it'll look like for now! We might go back and add more details later on, but now it's time to jump into changing the season and turning this room into its summer version!

Next week, there might not be many (or any!) updates, as I'm going away to visit my parents for a few days. Posts should be back either by the end of the week, or next Monday. See you then! :D
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  1. somehow i have to thinkof the gbc zelda (especily the oracle ones) once i look at it^^