Hello guys!

I'm Vilya, one of the three Pixel Ferrets working on the game Secrets of Grindea. Chances are that if you're reading this, you probably know the game better than you know me!

My main role in the team is to create graphic assets. I do interface design, environment sprites, hats(!), backgrounds, icons - anything. So long as it's not animated, cause that's Fred's department. :)

When we started out three years ago (jeez, time flies by so fast!) I was a total noob, and despite three years 'in the business' not much has changed there, really. I still make really crappy mistakes ...Especially when it comes to following all the unwritten rules behind pixel graphics... But we all gotta start somewhere, and being on this journey and improving my craft has truly been an awesome experience so far!

The reason I'm starting this blog is to share with you some of my work on a more personal level. I will try to update this a couple of times per week with sneak peeks of what I'm currently working on, as well as letting you know what's going on at the office. I'd love to get feedback and hear your thoughts on the game and how we can improve!

(In the future I might post other game-related things here as well, like game recommendations (you gotta stay entertained until we release the game, after all), comments on what's going on in the industry or random links - but the focus for now will be the work I do for Secrets of Grindea.)

Obligatory disclaimer(s): Things posted here will reflect my personal opinions, not those of Pixel Ferrets as a company. As Secrets of Grindea still is in development, everything is subject to change! Also, I'll show a lot of WIPs of stuff that will appear in in the game, so if you plan on playing SoG and want to be surprised by what you see in it, you should probably follow another blog ;)
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