Lately we've been discussing how and when to add a feature to Secrets of Grindea which lets you improve different aspects of your character, like stat points tend to do in other games. We want everyone to be able to build the kind of character they want, rather than picking a pre-built package with enforced stats and skills. Our first step to achieve this was to allow you to pick whichever skills you wanted at whatever time you wished, but so far we haven't really given people too many options outside of combining different abilities. Time to change that!

We'd like to see more diversity in actual character types, such as certain characters having more hp, attack speed, magic damage, crit chance, etc - depending on what you like. What we've come up with is a system where you'll be able to level a bunch of "Talents" with a separate currency called Talent Orbs. The talents won't all be 'boost stat x', but those will be there as well.

Here's a screenshot of a document in which we're currently brainstorming different types of perks you could level:

One guideline we use is that every improvement should increase by a percentage, so that it doesn't matter if you level the perk now or in 10 levels: it'll still be just as useful to you!

Here's a couple of suggestions we have so far. There's no guarantee we'll be using any of them yet, as we haven't really discussed them in detail so far, but it gives you an idea of how we want to use these perks to encourage a diversity of character types and playstyles:

Wit - After using a combat skill, the next magic skill charges up 20% faster. Can be leveled 3 times.
Prismatic - After using a magic skill, it will cost 15% less to cast another magic skill if it's of another element. Can be leveled 3 times.
Tenacious - Increases max HP by 2%. Can be leveled 5 times.
Brawler - After each normal attack that hits an enemy, your DEF will increase by 5% for 3 seconds. Can be leveled 5 times.

Leveling the talents will cost one orb per level (so far). We expect to have quite a lot of talents in the end, so hopefully everyone will be able to build a character that suits their playstyle!
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  1. I'm glad swedish is close enough to german so I can understand what's written in that screenshot :-)

  2. Vilya I would love to interview you for my gaming channel on YouTube. My email is superriki83@live.com , plz email me if interested, it would be amazing to have you and the game featured in there :)