A Water Puzzle

Today we're gonna take a look at a puzzle we've been working on for the last couple of days! It's a new variant of the block moving puzzles, but where you have to build a path for yourself to walk on rather than moving one puzzle block to the correct spot. 

To explain it better, take a look at this 'sketch' made by Teddy: 

As you can see, there's on door to the left, and one in the bottom right corner. In order to get from one door to another, you will need to move a series of wooden blocks in different shapes between the green islands that you can see on the map. The water will be too deep for you to walk in during summer, so you will have to change the season to winter and walk on the ice to push the blocks around.

We've already made a very basic prototype of this puzzle, and put it into the game:

The prototype in game!
Fred's wooden blocks
When prototyping basic puzzles like this, we don't bother doing any fancy graphics to begin with. Sometimes concept that sound fun don't end up being as fun at all, when actually implemented, so that would just result in a bunch of wasted time making props we won't use. Only once we've tried the concept and feel like it's fun enough, we start looking into refining the graphics.

Since we thought this puzzle was, indeed, as fun as we expected, Fred started making a bunch of the wooden blocks, and I moved on to refine the room itself.

Since this room is very basic for now (we'll do a lot of work on the water and add some animated features to the walls), I won't go into detail here. Instead, you can take a look at what the rooms look like for now:

Summer Version

Winter Version

Now you just gotta wait for us to finish the rest of the dungeon before you can start fiddling around with solving the puzzle of the bridges, and move on through the islands :)

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  1. Do the blocks slide on ice or move like on normal surfaces? For pushing puzzle on ice it would be logical to make them sliding rather than moving one tile. Or sliding is for another puzzle?

    1. This puzzle won't use the sliding mechanic - we might implement it in another type of puzzle, though, like you suggested :)