Dreamhack, Day 2

Day 2 of Dreamhack Stockholm (Saturday) started a little bit earlier. The expo opened to the public at 10 am, so we went up to catch breakfast an hour or so before that.

As expected, there were a lot more people attending the expo this day. There were a lot of different games being played on the main stage and in the expo area at once, and I'm pretty sure people in general were the most excited about attending the SC2 finals later in the evening, so out of the two days, Saturday definitely had more exciting things going on.

Anyway, since there were much more people walking around the expo, it also meant a lot more people came to play Secrets of Grindea! We got to meet some really cool people, both new players and people who played it before. Below is a couple of photos I took of people playing the game (though I caught one just before a loading screen, so it looks all black! :D):

Since we don't like hanging by the booth all three at once (kind of intimidating with 3 people managing a 2-seat booth), we took turns going around the expo and watching the different events. The Street Fighter tournament was being played out right next to our booth, so we had lots of opportunities to watch that, but we also managed to catch a bunch of SC2 matches before they moved on the the main stage.

Street Fighter tournament in action, right next to our booth!
The expo area closed at 20 (8pm), just as the SC2 semi-finals started on the main stage. We quickly packed everything and carried it out to the car in hopes of being done in time to watch the final match. Turns out we managed to catch the last semi-final as well (thank you, delays!), so we got to watch Solar dominate both CJ herO and SK-T soO to end our Dreamhack Stockholm experience!

Solar playing against herO in the last semi-finals!

Solar accepting his prizes after winning against soO
After the prize ceremony there was a Twitch-hosted after party at Clarion Hotel, which we went to after much deliberation (it was really late and we had to get up super early in the morning to catch the bus home). It ended up definitely being worth it, as we got to meet a lot of awesome people, Solar and soO among others. I also got to talk to Rachel and Sue, which totally made my day (or week, or year)! I think they do a totally amazing job, and I'll probably remember this night for the rest of my life with equal shares of joy and embarrassment.

I think I'll spare you the details of the Sunday, in which we spent like 5 hours travelling back home, only 3 hours after coming home from said party... ;)

Anyway, to sum it up: Dreamhack Stockholm was a great experience for us, both professionally with the game but also when it comes to entertainment. I'd definitely do it all over again!
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