Improving the Lobby

As I mentioned in a previous post, MrChocodemon on the forums came up with some suggestions on how to improve the lobby (and the rest of the dungeon so far). Today I'm gonna take a look at some of those suggestions and how we've improved the dungeon accordingly!

To begin with, we have the bushes around the higher floors. The horizontal bushes are a bit higher compared to the vertical bushes, which seem to be closer to the edge:

We put them this way in order to show more of the bushes and not hide most of them behind the edge. However, after the comment we decided we could afford to lower them a bit:

They're still not as close to the edge as the vertical bushes, but we feel like this is a better balance between showing off the bushes and keeping them all equally close to the edges.

Second, we have the edges around the short "roads" to the left and right of the fountain. MrChocodemon pointed out that they didn't have any grass sticking up, while the fountain itself and other items of the same height do:

So we went ahead and fixed that as well:

We also decided to add more vines around some of the walls:

Lastly, there was a suggestion to add heaps of leaves here and there in the autumn versions of the rooms. That sounded awesome as well, so we went ahead with it!

Here's the lobby without the newly added leaves:

Here's the lobby after they were added:

Hope you enjoyed this update! We'll continue to improve on the different areas as we go along, so stay tuned :)

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