Sound Effects!

Not every day is the same in the office. Sometimes, instead of jumping straight into photoshop/visual studio, there are some other tasks to attend to. 

Sound effect time!
A couple of days ago we received a batch of sounds from our main sound designer, Fark. So today, we started the day with going through and listening to each and every sound we received, making sure all the sounds are what we had in mind, and in cases where there's more than one option, we select which ones we want to use. 

Afterwards, we send a list of the sounds we want to use in the game to Fark, as well as some suggestions on how to adjust any sounds we weren't 100% sure about (however, since his sound effects are really awesome, this doesn't happen a lot :D)

Fred listening to the sounds at his desk in our apartment!
 We've also been testing a new type of puzzle today, which is currently in some kind of alpha stage, and will be found within the Temple of Seasons.

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  1. Is there a chance you share the Temple of Seasons music theme before it's in-game?

    1. It's not impossible! I'll see what I can do once we actually have the song (we haven't even gotten around to requested it yet) :)

    2. That's nice :) If I can suggest, maybe make a bit different song for each season and with smooth transintions effect will be great.