Temple of Seasons Room #2, Part 1

Time for another room! This one will need 3 different iterations: autumn, summer and winter. Just like the previous room, however, we'll start with the autumn version.

Here's the very basic sketch of what this room will look like:

As always, there's nothing too fancy, just some vague line art showing where things should be. There will be three orbs in the room, and three different obstacles each orb will affect in some way. The obstacles will be animated by Fred, so I'll leave them out for now.

Just like last time, I start out with the very basics, walls and floor:

Moving on, I start working on some basic props, such as the doors. The previous room only had  exits facing downwards, while this one has no less than three exits that will be more visible to the player:

Now it's time to add the trees and season changing orbs. As you can see, I changed their location somewhat if you compare this image to the early sketch. We kind of figured that this version was more balanced and gave us more room to include greenery:

Finally, I start adding the details. There's grass, softer edges around the walls, some hanging vines from the wall... Just the small things that give the room a bit more life:

My part of making this autumn room is officially done! Now it's up to Fred to add the three obstacles, while I move on to making the Summer and Winter versions of the room. :)
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  1. Where's the cool waterfall from the Sketch?

    1. It's going to be animated, so it's one of those things that Fred (our animator) will add later on :)