Temple of Seasons Room #2, Part 2

It's time to change this room from autumn to the other seasons of the temple! The procedure is pretty much the same as before: adjusting Hue/Saturation and redecorating the rooms accordingly.

Above is the finished autumn room, for your reference. In the end, there will be a waterfall over the middle door, some bushes over the left door and another obstacle blocking the door leading to the right, but that's stuff that Fred will add later on!

The summer version of the room is pretty straight forward: hues of green replace hues of orange, flowers are added.

For the Winter room, however, we need to create some new trees, as we haven't made a winter room before! We decided that to make the rooms interesting we'd have two different types of trees during winter: trees without leaves and trees that still have their leaves, but are covered in snow:

Editing the edges of the winter room takes a little bit of time, as there shouldn't be any grassy edges, just smooth snow. In the end, we decorate the floor with 'winter-y flowers', the same that appear in the winter areas around the Temple of Seasons. 

Just a note: keep in mind that while all the orbs are green in these screenshots, in the actual game they will have different colors depending on which season they change the room into! The water will probably also be frozen in the winter version of the rooms, but we save details like that for later :)
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  1. The trees change their positions a bit, but it's cool to open images in few tabs and look how the room changes :)

    1. They do indeed! It won't happen in the actual game though, we use an editor that takes one of the layouts and changes what trees appear automatically (I'll actually post about that tomorrow).

      That sprite-changing feature only works in the game engine though, so when I show mockups and WIP like these I have to put out trees manually, hence they move a round a bit ^^