The "Island Room"

The original sketch

The basics!

Adding some bushes & a bridge.. :)

Adding bushes & vines to the top floor!

Adding details - summer version done!

...and here's the winter version!
As you can see, we decided to make the bottom floor more of an island rather than have bushes around the walls. The reason for this is that we felt this would make the room more interesting and less messy!

Changes like these will probably occur every here and there, as we think it's better to do what we feel will be the most interesting room, rather than stick to the original sketch :)
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  1. Will the player be able to run on the shallow water or ice? And if so, can you cross from the bridge onto the ice?

    1. You'll be able to run on the water, but you won't be able to get onto the bridge from the water because of the edge!