Bikke is the guy next to one of the stairs in the Collector's HQ, and now it's time to remake his portrait!

Bikke inside the Collector's HQ

His old portrait

WIP of the new portrait!
 After I finished the last version in the WIP above, I got some feedback that he didn't seem just quite sad enough, that I needed to spice it up a little bit. So I painted over his face and tried giving him a bit more of a sad look, as seen below:

The new version was accepted, so here's the in-game sprite I made from it:

PS. Bikke, or at least his name, is inspired by a character from one of my fav SNES games ever, which is sadly a bit unknown outside of Japan. Can you guess which game and who I'm talking about? :)
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  1. Is it the pirate Bikke from Final Fantasy? ;)

    1. Nope :( It's probably a much less well-known game T_T


  3. thanks. i really enjoyed that game as well. played a few times through its new game+ mode too. also, you guys are doing a great job on your own game! can't wait till the next content patch.

    p.s. the guy in the picture is bikkebakke from bahamut lagoon. a squaresoft masterpiece.