Group Meeting and Fast Food!

Today, Fred returned after having been away for a week and a half visiting his girlfriend and working at her place. To celebrate his return, we decided to go eat at Sibylla, a fast food chain available in Sweden and Finland. It ended up being a really productive meeting, though, since we had quite a few things to discuss regarding Secrets of Grindea. 

Teddy and Fred eating their burgers! I chose hot dogs with mashed potatoes.. :)
First of all, we discussed our to-do lists and made some changes regarding what order we'll do things. For one, we have some enemies for the next area, Mt:Bloom, that Fred finished a long time ago but never turned intro sprite sheets. He's gonna pause what he's doing now to turn those enemies into sheets that Teddy can start working with, while we finish the graphics for the Temple of Seasons enemies.

Teddy is also gonna start working on a couple of quests for the winter area until more of the enemy graphics are done, so he doesn't have to pause every hour or so, waiting for more assets.

We also discussed some things regarding the Temple of Seasons: a special attack for one of the mages/knights and how they could work together, as well as a mini-boss design.

Some notes & sketches for the mini-boss :P
We've settled on making the mini-boss a hydra-like creature with three heads, one for each season. Each head will have a special attack reflecting their season, as well as a regular bite attack. If you're clever, you'll be able to use the heads against each other... But there will be more info about that in a later update, once we have the prototype up and running :)
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  1. I feel spoiled since I can read & understand that text.

    Ohwell, sounds like a neat boss-mechanic anyways, and far from simple.

    1. I tried to make sure I didn't give away anything too important in the text we chose to show, hopefully you'll still find the mini-boss a bit challenging :D