I'm Back! Upgrading Sally's Portrait

I'm finally feeling well enough to work again! Still a little bit slow from the cold, but it's a lot better now.

I'm starting this week with upgrading an old portrait. Usually I tend to remake the portraits completely, but since Sally (the girl in the arena who gives you small hints on what's to come) was one of the later portraits, I simply decided to work with what was already made instead.

Here's the current in-game portrait:

It's not extremely different from the newer ones, but her hair is a bit more messy and she has a bigger nose than everyone else. Also, I think her eyes look a little bit weird, especially the left one. 

Here's the rendered version that I will be working with: 

I'm gonna focus on fixing the three things I mentioned above; her eyes, nose and hair. To do this I simply paint over the existing image on a new layer, tweaking things as I go:

Eyes, Before and After

Hair, Before and After

Nose, Before and After
Finally, I decided to tweak some other things, such as her hairband. I also decided to enlarge her eyes a little. Here's the upgraded rendered version:

And here's the finished sprite, ready to be added to the game:

As you can see, as a final step I removed a bit of the bridge of her nose, to make her portrait fit better with the others (most female character don't have much of that anymore)!

For fun, I decided to add the three different versions I've made of her portrait, so you can see how it's been reworked over the course of the game:

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