Taking a break for a few days - stupid cold :(

Welp. I was just thinking to myself the other day: "Man, I haven't been sick in like a couple of years or something! I'm so lucky!"

....Guess what? :(

Yeah. I instantly catch a cold, as if some evil spirit heard what I was thinking and decided to punish me! So here I am, with 0 energy, struggling to focus on anything at all. I was really excited to get back into making portraits, especially after all nice comments you guys left yesterday, but I'm just gonna have to spend a few days in bed hoping this crap blows over ASAP.

Hopefully I'll be back in a couple of days with more posts!

Keep being awesome! 
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  1. Get better soon! I enjoy watching your step-by-step progress for a couple of weeks now and find it very fun and interesting! Best wishes from germany =)

  2. I hope you have a hasty recovery! I check on this page daily! DAILY! O_O