Another batch of furniture!

Time for another batch of stuff you can put into your house!

We decided to make three versions of the tables that are available so far: one dark, one white, and one in the 'regular' wood color. I also recolored the table cloths so that there's a red, green and blue version of each item, as will as a fancier version as can be seen in the top left. 

As you can see above, there's also a bunch of decorative things: books in red and green, a pile of them, some paper, two different types of flowers (same that are available in the rest of the world, but reworked to fit into the housing system and touched up a bit) and some candlesticks. 

Basically, what I'm doing so far in terms of color is that carpets, table cloths, curtains and the like are available in red, blue and green. As we move on, there might be special items that are only available in unique colors/patterns, and we might add colors as well. 

Also, the carpets you see are tiled, so you will be able to edit the size of them to fit your personal need, increasing or decreasing its width and/or length by 20 pixels at the time :)
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