Boards & Colors

As some of you may remember, there's already a bunch of housing items for you to find in the game: 

Thing is, none of these have actually been made yet, or they need to be reworked so they fit into the housing system. So, time to get that started. Let's begin with the two wallpapers in the bottom left corner: 

We're currently debating whether or not the skirting board should be a part of and match the wallpaper or the floor, OR be an item in its own right so you can change the color of it to whatever you'd like. Making it an item of its own, that would be available from the start, would of course be the best alternative for players, but it's a lot of extra work for a seemingly small detail in the housing system.

What do you guys think? Is it a big deal which color the skirting board is, and if you can't select the color yourself, would you rather have it match the floor or the walls? Below is a version where half of the board matches the wallpaper, while the other half matches the floor:

...And to finish this post, here's a couple of the other items you'll be able to place in your house! :)

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  1. Mind if we go one step further?

    Have the skirting board stay the same colour, except when both the floor and the walls 'match' and then the board changes to match them.

    Example, having the green wallpaper and a lush green floor/carpet will make the board turn into a dark green colour.

    Of course I'm not serious about that since it's a ton of unneccesary work for the programmers...

    1. ... and barely any work for the artists.
      They just swing their magical paintbrush over the canvas and thus art is born. :-P

  2. If I'd have to choose, I'd say match the wall. To me it looks a bit like the floor is detached and on top of the wall other way around. But both would be nice of course ;)

  3. I'd say remove the skirting altogether, but create some wallpapers that have a skirting built in to the pattern.

  4. I like the one with the floor more. Maybe as a forth alternative:
    You could let the players choose ingame what it should match. Like you do a skirting board for every wall and one for every floor and the players can choose which of the 2 fits better in their house.