Fae Boss Portrait, Part 1: Summer

Time for something different, and a return to the Temple of Seasons, of sorts! One of the battles you'll be doing in there will be against two fae. And as such, they need a boss portrait! Because this is a bit more complex than the regular portraits, I'll divide this in a few parts so it doesn't become overwhelming.

In this first part, I'll be doing the first of the two fae! Let's begin with the basic sketch/line art:

When doing full-body stuff like this, I tend to select one or a few artworks or photography featuring similar poses to use as reference. Sometimes I also take my own, which results in me having a bunch of weird photographs featuring me and friends in silly poses doing weird things, haha!

Second step is cleanup, as seen above. I add more details, erase sketch lines and go over each part of the drawing, improving things one step at a time. 

Third part is color blocking. Here I also added some details I forgot about, such as his necklace and shoulder thingy!

After adding each block of color in single shades, I start adding shadows and light. I try to keep things pretty basic in this step, and don't use too many shades. Here there's only 4 shades of each color, the base value, two darker tones, and one for highlights. 

In the final step I go over the picture again, blending shades where I feel it's needed, adding details here and there, and a slightly brighter highlight. 

I can still improve a lot on this portrait, but as I will add another fae to the picture and probably shrink them by a lot to fit the in-game resolution, I'll save that for when I know exactly how small they will become and how much of the detail will be lost in the process!

As for his lack of male parts... Well, gotta keep it PG-13, right? ;) We haven't decided if we'll cover him up by either using some kind of clothing/gear, if we'll have a convenient bunch of leaves floating around that will cover those parts, of if we'll simply keep it the way it is now. What do you think?
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1 comment:

  1. Awesome portrait so far!
    With the portrait being the size it currently is, I think he looks a bit "naked" downstairs. Not naked-naked, just empty-naked, like an empty room or half finished painting. But with a second fae added to the picture and resized then things might look more... non-naked...-ish... kind of... yea...

    Anyhow! How do fae reproduce lore-wise in the world of grindea? :)
    If they are ment to be supernatural embodyments of living nature then they might spontaneously "hatch" from flowers when nature sees fit. And then i guess there's no need for the race to even have genitalia.

    But if they are ment to be mythologically on par with more basic life forms, such as human or boar, then he needs to be covered with something for quite natural reasons. ;)