Fae Boss Portrait, Part 3: Finishing up!

Time to finish up this portrait! Both main components, the fae themselves, are done, so all we need to do now is to resize them, fit them together and add their titles.

To do this I use a template I have in one of my PSDs:

It's basically a mockup of what the boss intro screen looks like: there's the black & white tinted background on one layer, the boss portraits in another (I keep them all in a folder for size comparisons etc), and the boss title stuff, including notes on which fonts are used for each part of the title. 

Anyway! To start off I begin with adding the Summer Fae and resize him to fit the much smaller resolution of the in-game screen. Since the fae aren't as big as than regular humans, we decided that they should be a bit smaller compared to humans in the boss intro as well. 

Second step is to do the same with the autumn fae, and position them in a way that feels nice. 

Third, we thought it'd be nice to add some kind of possessed effect to them, since they're not exactly being themselves in this fight. This is a first try: I might remake this later on and try for something a bit more epic.. We'll see. 

Here they are in full size, with the bar where the boss title will appear!

Finally, adding the text. We haven't exactly decided whether to call them The Possessed Fae or The Possessed Elders, but I put fae for now. What do you guys think? Is there perhaps a third, better, alternative? Feel free to share your thoughts! :D
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  1. hi, i'm not familiar with the lore surrounding the 'possessed fae', so i can't provide any meaningful alternatives but you might check the following links for some ideas.


    also, i thought both fae were a bit bland due to being mostly green/yellow, but i think they fit together pretty nice. i also think that it would look a bit prettier to keep their names in a red font. i think the name 'summer' stands out too much next to 'autumn'. besides, it should be pretty obvious which name belongs to which fae without colouring their names.

    just my two cents.

    nice work, though!

  2. Don't mind the special colouring of the names, but the blue & symbol looks weird... I understand you want to keep to the temple colourscheme but it just looks off.

    Agree with Anon above, that it should be a red text like all the others... or 'soften' the sharp colours a bit.
    Possibly alter the banner background?

  3. Actually, most of the boss titles aren't red in the game, haha :D But I see your points and we'll discuss it later today, when everyone has arrived! :)