Housing, Part 2 + Indie Game Competition Guldchipset!

Today I'll continue to talk a bit about housing! I've rendered the sketch from yesterday, turning it into this: 

We are not 100% sure this is the way things will look in the end, as I haven't finished the icons yet and we need to make sure everything works out when it comes to making it obvious which icon has been selected and such things. However, it should be something pretty similar to what's above, unless we completely change our minds.

As you can see in the picture above, I've also been fiddling around with making icons helping you understand what button does what when you put out items. Here they are, a bit bigger in size:

If you imagine that you've selected a chair, and you're moving it around in the room above, looking for a place to put it - what would you think these icons mean? Are they easy to understand, or do they confuse you? 

On a totally different note: We signed up Secrets of Grindea for Guldchipset, an indie game competition held by a Swedish potato chips company! 

If you want to, you can add hype to the game by visiting our application page and clicking the hype button (though it's just for fun and doesn't affect the competition in any way)! 

Wish us luck :D 
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  1. Since you asked. . .

    I can understand the icons: place, cancel, rotate, delete.

    I have some thoughts, though:
    - rotate looks a little bit like a recycle symbol. I think the single arrow from the concept works better.
    - there will probably be situations where cancel and delete both accomplish the same task. You may want to reconsider the delete hotkey.

    Good luck in the competition!

    1. Thanks man, that is correct! :D

      The reason we have both cancel and delete is because cancel will bring you back to the menu to select another piece of furniture to add to your house, while the delete button will allow you to delete furniture you put in there previously without having to go into the select/hand mode to do so! :)

  2. This is looking really good!

    And here is my feedback:
    I personally feel that there is too much garbage outside of the garbage can. It breaks the classical "delete/trash can"-silhouette.
    I actually thought it was a gray tree stump before i looked closer. :)

    1. Thank you!
      I'll bring your feedback to the others and we'll look into the trash can issue, perhaps I'll change the way that looks! :)

  3. Ooh, new icons!

    As said above, the first thing that comes to mind about the third icon is refresh or recycle. Would confuse me. I would likely go with something like a single flat arrow that is going in circle in "3D". Image search for flat arrow 3d rotate to see what I mean.

    The last one is very scary, if each item is "unique" and not infinitely placeable. I would like something that says "put the furniture safely back in storage", so I'm not afraid to press it.

    That's my thoughts :)

    1. An half-open crate, to signify 'storage' rather than 'delete' could work.

    2. Or if a hand icon is used to place items from inventory, maybe a bit different hand icon to pick them up?

    3. Good ideas! Thanks for the feedback, I'll bring it up with Fred & Teddy :D