Hydra Boss Portrait, Part 1

The Boss portrait madness continues! This time around, it's the hydra's turn to get its very own portrait :)

The Hydra's in-game sprite, made by Fred :)
This time around I start out in the mockup/template document I talked about in yesterday's post, and make a rough sketch of how I want the hydra's layout to be in the final image:

I then copy my sketch, import it into a new document, resize it so it becomes much bigger (the bigger it is, the easier it is to draw and add details), and start painting over it. Below I have started working on the autumn head:

Autumn head line art finished:

Summer head sketch:

Summer head line art finished:

Winter head sketch: 

Aand winter head line art finished: 

Finally, I start putting in some basic colors behind each line art, hide the original sketch layer and bring all the hydras out together:

Tomorrow I'll show the finished version, along with the titles!
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