Hydra Boss Portrait, Part 2

Yesterday when we left the hydras they looked like this:

Today I'm gonna add shades and highlights, tint the outline and finalize their portrait so it can be used within the game! For this portrait I won't be using a lot of shades: in fact I only use one shadow and one highlight for each color. Let's begin!
Autumn head shaded
Summer head shaded
Winter head shaded
After adding these shades, I go into each line art layer and lock them so I won't be able to paint anywhere else. Then I go over each hydra, adding softer outline colors. As you might be able to tell, I try to vary the outline shade a little, making it darker around the edges:

Finally, I import the portrait back into the boss template PSD, resize it to fit the screen, and add its titles: 

All done for now! :)

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