Putting up walls!

Okay, the interface for the Housing part of the game is more or less done (for now) - time to move on to actually making things you can put in your house!

To make programming the housing part easier, we're gonna go with a grid-like system, which aside from the puzzles in SoG is a first for this production. Almost all other things have been hand-drawn without any thoughts about where it'd fit in a grid. But in housing, this will be different! 

At the moment we're working with boxes that are 20x20, but we haven't really tested it out too much, so this might change later on. As you can see above, I've made a line showing where the walls will end and the floor begins, which at the moment is 3 boxes down. The walls will therefore be 60 pixels tall (yay, math)!

Anyways! To try things out I threw together a very basic floor tile:

It consists of eight wooden blocks put together, and can be repeated, as seen below:

Moving on, I started making a skirting board to separate the floors and the wall (and yes, the floor looks slightly different here - I used an older, less refined version by mistake when taking the rest of the screenshots):

Then I put some shadows on the wall, where I thought they would look good:

Repeating the shadows gives this effect, which I thought was fair enough for a very basic wallpaper to start off with:

Finally, I saved the 'construction blocks' that make up the floors and wallpapers and created these icons for them, which will appear in the housing interface:

Now it's time to go back and repeat this a whole bunch of times, until there's a nice selection of walls and floors, so people can find something they like!

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