Return to the Temple of Seasons

Today I thought we'd go back to the Temple of Seasons for a bit, as I recently had to finish another one of the rooms, which we hadn't quite decided the layout of before.

The original sketch looked like this:

But there's actually a more recent sketch, which was shown over at our devblog this monday, along with the prototype mini-boss that will appear in this particular room:

The changes are of course based on the nature of the mini-boss. When I made the first sketch, it wasn't even designed yet: we only had a vague idea of it being frozen from the beginning. Once we decided it'd be hydra heads coming up from water, the old design had to go. 

Anyway, actually making the art for this room is the same standard you've seen a dozen times before! Here's a quick rundown:

Step 1: Basics!

Adding doors , some grassy edges and the decorative tiles on the floor

Finishing up with leaves on the ground and other details!

The winter version!

And finally, the summer version! :)
I have some ideas about how to decorate the wall, as well as touch up other parts of the dungeons, but I'll save those things for now! There's a bunch of other things to do right now that have higher priority, after all, such as more furniture... ;)

See you next week!
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  1. I'm guessing the water there is 'deep' (impassable in Summer/Autumn)... otherwise it'd make no sense for the hydra heads to pop up there.