Season Mage Card

Time to make cards, so there's something for you to farm once the Temple of Seasons gets implemented! ;) 

In this post I'm gonna focus on the Mage card. You've probably seen the mages in one of our earlier posts over at the official dev blog, but here they are again in case you forgot!

To start off, I begin with opening a card template - that is, an empty frame the size of the cards in the game.  I then start to sketch on top of it, until I have one or a few designs I like:

Once I've shown the design(s) to Teddy and Fred, and we agree on the look, I bring the sketch into a new document, set transparency to something pretty low, and start painting on top of it. Pretty much the same thing as I did with the Hydra boss portrait the other day!

Once the line art is completed, I start coloring. As always, I block in the basic colors first, then add shades and highlights once the basics are in place:

Finally, I resize the image back to the original size and add a background. Since the enemies are found in the temple of seasons, I chose to use part of one of the temple rooms as the background for this card:

Next time, I'll show the card that the Season Knights will drop! Stay tuned :)
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