The House Itself

With all talk about housing, I'm sure some of you are asking yourselves where this legendary house will be. It's time to find out:

There it is! Or... Well, there it will be. Let's remake this part of Evergrind City!

First, let's throw away that old house, and start anew. We want the entrance to the house to be upwards, so first of all we gotta turn things around and make a new path to the house:

When you first enter Evergrind City, this will just be a piece of lane, without any house. Your house will either be purchased or built through a quest, we haven't really decided on that part yet. Either case, below is what it'll look like until the house is in place: 

And here it is, with the house:

The house might look different from this once the game is done. We have talked about giving it a design that stands out more from the other houses, or perhaps let you choose a design of your own liking. Either way, that's lower priority stuff we'll do later on in that case! :)

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  1. Not a very impressive location for a house, but I guess it's near the teleport. I'd have prefered the secluded place in the top right corner of town, quaint as it looks, with a personal fishing spot next to it.

    Whatever works is cool, though. :)

  2. Second vote for moving it to the little island at the top right (North East?) of the city.

    I don't want to kick out the little plushie girl :(