Okay guys! Christmas is coming up and today I'm going to visit my parents for a few days. Once I'm back I'll probably return to work pretty fast, but since it's the holidays I'm gonna take a break from blogging in order to get some extra relax & recharge time :)

The blog will be back on January 5th, with a new year of developing Secrets of Grindea! See you then :D
You guessed it: time for another portrait! This time it's the card player Griddle who is in need of a new version. 

Once the game is done, we aim to have Griddle host some kind of card game but for now he's just shuffling his deck next to the hat shop in Evergrind City: 

Griddle in the game, click to view full size!
We begin with some line art, as usual. When making this version, I wanted him to look
a bit more tough than he did earlier. After all, our inspiration for this character was a pirate! 

Moving on the color blocking :)

Adding some shades..

Changing line art colors, adding highlights, and adjusting a couple of details

And here we have the finished version, with the old one to the left!

Back to the portraits - only a handful left! Today it's time to make some adjustments to the portrait of a certain bandit leader I'm sure most people are familiar with from the game.. :) 

Our first in-game encounter.. :)

The old version of the portrait, in a bigger format.

I start off by painting over the old highlights which don't quite
fit in with the style of the new portraits.

New highlight added!

Time to paint over the skin, increasing contrast
and removing a few shades.

Lastly, I remake the nose so it fits in better with the other portraits :)

Old portrait to the left, new on the right!

Time for some more prototype testing! This time around, we've been playing around with the Hydra mini-boss.

SPOILER ALERT: If you want the mechanics of this upcoming battle to be a complete surprise, you should probably stop reading now!

This boss has three different heads: summer, winter and autumn. Each of them have one normal attack, which basically works like a headbutt. Depending on the season, each head will also gain a special attack: the summer head will only use its special attack when it's summer, the winter head will only use its special attack when its winter, and so on.

You're only able to change season at certain points of the fight: the rest of the time the season changing orbs will be grey and nonfunctional, and once a head has been defeated that season will no longer be available in the room.

The Summer Head
Click the GIF to view a bigger, more crisp version!

When it's summer, the summer head can use this annoying special attack! Basically he spits fire at you, leaving a trail of flames which will hurt anyone that gets too close. Touching the fire will cause you to burn, meaning you take damage over time for a short duration.

The Winter Head
Click the GIF to view a bigger, more crisp version!

The winter head doesn't aim at you like the summer one does, but he seems intent on covering the entire area in ice. When running on it, you'll slide around and not be able to steer your character quite as easily as on regular surfaces.

The Autumn Head
Click the GIF to view a bigger, more crisp version!

The autumn head, on the other hand, sends spores your way! After a while, or on impact, the spore cloud will explode and leave a bunch of mushrooms on the ground. When touching any of these mushrooms, they'll blind you, and you'll remain blind as long as you stay near the place where they were trampled down.

Right now the battles are a bit hectic, as you might be able to tell. While the fight works quite well on hard difficulty, we'll adjust some timings for those playing on normal settings. For instance, we want the heads to stay down a bit longer when you get headbutted, so it's possible to deal more damage before they become untargetable again. We might also adjust how often they use their special attacks, so there isn't constantly hazards to watch out for while trying to deal enough damage!

Overall, though, we're pretty happy where this fight is going, and we hope you look forward to trying it out yourselves!
Time for another portrait remake! This time it's of Haddock, the fisherman who is always out of fish to sell (despite having some on display?!) in Evergrind City! 

Haddock in the game!
Sketch time!
Polishing the line art..
Color blocking :)
Adding some shades~
Coloring the line art, adding more shades!
Highlights and details!

And here's the finished portrait, with the old version to the left!

....wait a minute. Oh no! Uploading this to the blog, I only now realize that I totally forgot about his pipe! And neither Teddy or Fred noticed either?! Oh dear. Guess I'll have to return to this portrait and add it before we put it into the game.. :D
Remember that mysterious salesman who sells his wares in the middle of Evergrind City? Good, cause it's time for another remake... Or in this case, a bit of a touchup :D

Enlarged original portrait

Painting over with basic colors..

Refining the nose and eyes

Adding more details and highlights

Changing the shape of his nose, editing the hood... :)

Finished sprite!

Emily is the hat-loving mother of Luke and Harry who you can find browsing hats with the younger of the two brothers. Today it's time to take a look at the remake I made of her portrait :)

Line art~

Color blocking :3

Adding some shades..

Swap line art colors, add highlights and a few details!

Finished sprite!

This portrait isn't of a human being! Instead, it's Amalet the Amulet, who is just that - an amulet. If you don't remember, or haven't met him in the game yet, here he is: 

As the newer portraits have increased in size quite a bit, one of the issues with this one is its small size. There's also the fact that it's much more pixelated than the newer portraits, which have more colors and anti-aliasing, as seen below:  

When remaking this one, I simply enlarge the old portrait until it's around 3000px and paint on top of it, before shrinking it back to slightly bigger than before. Take a look:
Enlarged Old Portrait
Adding the basic colors again XD
Painting the eye :)
Adding details to the amulet
More details & cleanup

Finished sprite!
Some of you might have a distant memory of this character, but for most people she's probably all new. That's because she isn't even in the game yet!

This nameless girl helps Loretta out in Evergrind's café, serving its ... "many" customers. Here's what her current in-game portrait and sprite looks like:

Since she's wearing the same uniform as Loretta, we use the same shoulders for these two characters in order to save time. Let's go!
Initial sketch
Line art
Color blocking
Adding basic shades
Adding more shades + highlights
Fixing some smaller things, adjusting line art colors, adding the hairband thingy..!

Finished sprite!

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