An Infamous Bandit Leader

Back to the portraits - only a handful left! Today it's time to make some adjustments to the portrait of a certain bandit leader I'm sure most people are familiar with from the game.. :) 

Our first in-game encounter.. :)

The old version of the portrait, in a bigger format.

I start off by painting over the old highlights which don't quite
fit in with the style of the new portraits.

New highlight added!

Time to paint over the skin, increasing contrast
and removing a few shades.

Lastly, I remake the nose so it fits in better with the other portraits :)

Old portrait to the left, new on the right!

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  1. The difference between the new and the old portrait is very slight and I can't decide if that's good or bad. :P
    The new portrait has the same kind of style for the hair so in that sense the new portrait is falling in line with how the rest of the portraits look but for some reason I was expecting more to be changed with this portrait since most of the others got quite a change.... I've been looking at the new portrait and I can't really seem to find anything that I think should be changed. So maybe it's just all in my head. XD

    1. Haha! :3 I didn't change this one too much since we wanted to keep the same overall design (hair & clothing), otherwise we'd have to remake the bigger portrait that appears in the boss fight as well :)