Haddock the Fisherman

Time for another portrait remake! This time it's of Haddock, the fisherman who is always out of fish to sell (despite having some on display?!) in Evergrind City! 

Haddock in the game!
Sketch time!
Polishing the line art..
Color blocking :)
Adding some shades~
Coloring the line art, adding more shades!
Highlights and details!

And here's the finished portrait, with the old version to the left!

....wait a minute. Oh no! Uploading this to the blog, I only now realize that I totally forgot about his pipe! And neither Teddy or Fred noticed either?! Oh dear. Guess I'll have to return to this portrait and add it before we put it into the game.. :D
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  1. He actually looks pretty cool without the pipe, but I'm sure he would look just as cool with it.

    Also, he doesn't have fish on display, That's unsanitary. Those are dolls or wooden carvings or something. Or they're for display only, to have the stench of rotting fish in the sun lure in customers.

  2. Haddock without a pipe looses any last resemblence to the original Haddock, so do fix that soon :)

  3. I like the new portrait. The shape of the face looks more like the original Haddock from Tintin. I like the new fresh and strong face he got compared to the old portrait where he just looks old and weak.

  4. I like the old portrait a bit better. I think it's the beard and pipe.