Improving Ledge

After making a bunch of boss portraits and cards, it's always nice to do some smaller tasks. As such, I'll probably do a few portraits and/or more furniture for a few days. 

Today, I thought I'd show you how I've reworked Ledge!

Above's Ledge's old portrait sprite. He was one of the later portraits I did before swapping style, so there isn't super much I want to change. Therefore, I decided that instead of totally remaking him from start to finish, I'll simply improve on the old portrait, touching it up here and there.

To begin, I open up the old rendered version of his portrait and jump straight in: 

Above you can see the progress. I started out with fixing his hair, making it a bit less detailed to match the other portraits. I then reworked his eyes a bit, making them a bit larger. Third step was to remake his nose and mouth, adjusting the shape and detail level. Final step was to improve his overall face shape and ear!

Below you can see the improved version in it's large form: 

And here's the new in-game sprite:

Finally, here's the comparison between the two portraits: 

See you next time!
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  1. His right eye (from my view and his anatomically left eye) should be a little lower in his face

  2. Thank you! You're definitely right, how silly of me to not notice it before :) I'll go back and fix it when I have some spare time!