Mr Bragg

I'll keep doing portraits for a little while! Since there aren't that many left to remake, perhaps I'll simply finish them before moving on to other things - we'll see. 

Today it's time to take a look at Mr. Bragg, the somewhat smug father of Tim who hangs around outside the school in Evergrind City:  

This portrait is one of the older ones, so it'll be good to finally remake it! As always, I begin with throwing together some line art: 

 This time around, I wanted to make his bow tie larger, to give his design a bit more character!

The colors are staying pretty much the same - green and brown hues. I decided to make part of his glasses red, though, so not everything would follow the same color scheme.

Adding some shades.. :)

And finally, highlights and refining stuff! I also added some more shades and tinted the line art so it'd blend better.

Below is the finished portrait sprite:

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