Season Knight Card

Last time I showed you the progress of making the Season Mages card. This time it's the knights turn! Here they are:

And here are three of the sketches I made for the card: 

After making sketches like these, I turn to Fred and Teddy and hear what they have to say. Sometimes they think one of the sketches I show is good as it is, sometimes they want tiny adjustments, and sometimes they come up with new ideas altogether. I edit the sketch(es) based on their suggestions, until we all agree on one we think is the best. In this case, we decided to go with the middle one!

The progress of actually making the card is pretty straight forward as usual. We go from line art (that's painted on top of the enlarged version of the sketch), to color blocking, to shades... :)

To create the finished card, I resize the image and fit it into the card frame, add a background based on one of the rooms in the dungeon and adjust brightness/contrast slightly to make it pop a bit more:

Done! :D
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