All Over the Place

Today (actually two days ago once this is posted!) was one of those days where I've been all over the place workwise! I've done quite a bunch of smaller (and bigger) tasks, fixing things here and there. 

The day started with a meeting where we checked what was left to do before the Temple of Seasons beta can go live. Our discussion turned into a list of bugs and fixes we wanted to implement, and it kind of made us realize the terrible state our old bug- and fixlist was in. Basically, it was just a really, reeeeeaaally long list of suggestions, bugs and minor fixes written down randomly. A lot of them were very vague or unclear, and probably about half were already fixed.  

To resolve this, I offered to clean up the list, and while I'm not completely done (the document is huge!), we've been able to create a slightly more organized 7-page document with most of the bugs and fixes we want to implement at some point. 

We've sorted the bugs and fixes into categories depending on what part of the game they affect. There's Skills & Talents, Interface & Music, Multiplayer, Arcade Mode, and one category for each of the major areas in the game. Not all of these categories are full of bugs or fixes to be made, but as you can imagine there's quite a few things we'd like to address eventually. A lot (if not most) will probably wait until the game is near completion, though. 

While working on the list I remembered a couple of small fixes that I could do real quick, so I got to work when I felt I had worked on the list for long enough: 

Grass for the Farmhouse!

A shinier version of the Pet Menu button in your Character window
After all of that, I got back to working on what needs to be finished for the Temple of Seasons on my part. This included a spring version of the portrait room, 4 different versions of a locked door so there's one for each season and a zone title that shows when you enter the dungeon:

I also started working on decorating the entrance room a bit, which we felt was a bit plain. But that one I'll save for tomorrow! :) 
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