Back From the Holidays & The Final Portraits

Hello guys! :D

I hope you've had a great time during the holidays, regardless of whether you celebrate them or not. I've had a great time with friends and family, and work or course (I do love my job, I really do)!

Since I've been talking about how there's only a few portraits left to remake, I thought I might as well tell you: they're all remade now! Wohoo! Here are the last ones, which I completed during the holidays:


Quinton is the "quest master" that can be found in the Collector's HQ in Evergrind City. His portrait was done very late, when we had already updated some of the portraits, so its style isn't as bad as the rest. However, there were a few touchups that needed to be made, as well as an increase of size.

Quinton inside the Collector's HQ in the game!

His old portrait in its bigger, rendered version.

My improvements were mostly related to the shading of his face:
it had a bit too many shades, giving him a much softer look
compared to the other characters.

Quintons old portrait to the left, new version to the right :)


The mini-boss from the flying fortress, Phaseman, needed to be upgrades as well. Just like with Quinton, it was mainly an issue of shading that didn't suit the new style of the portraits. 

Old Phaseman where you meet him in the game!

His old portrait, enlarged to make painting over it easier..

His portrait after I paint over it, using fewer shades.

The old portrait to the left, new version to the right!

Teddy & Freddy

This silly duo has also been in need of a few touchups. Again, these portraits were done quite late so there isn't that much that needs to be upgraded: just the shading (again), and a bit of a nose job :)

Freddy in the game!

Freddys old portrait in its bigger, rendered version

Freddys portrait after the touchup: less shades, a new nose :)

The old portrait to the left, new to the right!

Teddy in the game!

Teddys old portrait in its bigger, rendered version

Teddys portrait after the touchup: again, fewer shades and a new nose :)

Old portrait to the left, new to the right!

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