Boss Portrait: Winter

As I've mentioned before, we've already started working on the Temple of Seasons boss! It'll be another fae battle, however this one will be a lot more difficult :)
Sketch/Line Art

Since the portrait will be quite big, I don't need the feet.
I also added a glove and a bit more detail, while cleaning up the line art! 

Color blocking!

Adding a few shades

Adding more shades & highlights, recoloring the line art...

Adding some effects and details!

The finished boss portrait!

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  1. Так так так, что тут у нас получается. Дедушкой морозом овладела злая перчатка, такая же живая как амулет. И он промыл мозги другим 2 сезонам, интересно гы.
    Интересная идея. :)

  2. Is it just me, or are the hands backwards? Anyway, looking cool! :)