Decorating Another Cave, Part 1

Time to decorate another cave! This time there's some quite big areas that need to be decorated, so I'll split this post in two parts :) 

Above you can see the basics of the cave, that was completed quite a while back. I've added floors, walls, doors, some very basic greenery and a few cave dweller-props that are basically variations of the Frostling camp items from Seasonne!

The first step I'll take is randomly sketching whatever I think would be cool:

Secondly, I add whatever decorative props already exist or that I can tweak to fit the cave:

Now that all of that is in place, it's time to start rendering the unique props that haven't appeared anywhere yet:

Decorations around a mysterious closed doorway
Some vines on the cave floor!
A few of those figurines again :)
Next time I'll decorate the cave dweller settlement seen in the first screens, as well as the stone reliefs on the cave wall! See you then :)
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