Decorating A Cave

Aside from doing cards for Mt:Bloom, I've also been spending some time decorating the caves. The first one was pretty much already finished, which left me with the one in this post and one more.  

Basic Cave

Above is the undecorated version of the cave. I've added the basics: walls, floors, water and some moss, but other than that, this area is pretty empty. 

Sketching away!

In order to get the creative juices flowing, I simply start sketching about on a layer on top of everything, adding whatever things I feel would be cool. At this stage I don't care too much about what they will actually look like in the end, but simply add stuff randomly. 

Adding what's already been made!

Since I've already made a bunch of props for this cave system, I reuse whatever I can in order to save time. In this case the things I reuse are mainly bushes, crystals, and mushrooms - the tiny detail stuff. The difficult part is rendering the unique items that will only appear in this cave, as well as things that haven't been made yet. 

Here's a bunch of before and after shots, showing how I've taken the sketches into finished decorations:

Rocks on the water
A stone face through which water will stream
Some of the tiny figurines that will be found within the cave

A relief showing a female and a rabby

Finally, here we have the cave in its finished version, after everything's been rendered and finalized:

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