Desert Sketch

Today we had a meeting where we discussed the area I showed you a sneak-peek concept of yesterday. It's basically a desert/wasteland type of field where you'll find mostly dunes, rocks, dead things and cacti!

Fred and I made a couple of sketches, and we all discussed what decorations, events and quests we'd like to see in this area. After a while, we came up with enough ideas and sketches that it was time to translate them into basic digital sketches that we could run around in with our SoG characters. 

You can see the first three variations of the area below: 

Map 01 - Entrance

Map 02

Map 03 - WIP
We were the most happy with the first one, and also thought the size of it came out great for just winging it once. The other two, however, needed some adjustments. 

Map 02 felt a bit too tiny, so we wanted to increase its size to avoid any feelings of claustrophobia. Map 03, which isn't completely finished - the left side will contain a puzzle/obstacle of some sort that we need to prototype - also suffered from being a bit too tiny, so we increased the size of it as well. 

Map 02 - Bigger version!

Map 03 - Bigger version!

Obviously everything is just vaguely sketched right now. In the end, the finished graphics won't match this 100% in terms of size or placement, but it's a good estimate. 

One thing we'll definitely change is the "temple" building in the top right of Map03, as we want it to be bigger. Another thing we want to add is more water, so you'll be able to find some desert-y fishes along your adventures! Exactly where isn't clear as of yet, but most likely it'll be in the open space of Map 03 or Map 02. 

Since all of this is in very early stages, I'll tell you more about side quests and those sorts of things once we have established them a bit more clearly - they're also pretty much in the sketch phase as of now. The main reason we're doing this is so that I can start getting the basics of the area in place while Fred and Teddy work with animations, implementations and bug fixing :) 

Next week, while I continue with this, I'll be blogging some stuff I've been working on for Mt:Bloom these last couple of weeks, including a bunch of cards and loads and loads of cave decorations.

See you then! :D
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  1. Again very nice work :)

    Which programs do u use to sketch the colored screens? only photoshop or something else?