Entrance Hall Decorations

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working on improving the entrance room of the dungeon a bit, as we felt it looked a little plain. While we can't do much about the actual floor of the area due to enemies that will appear here, we still have walls that can be decorated.

I started off making a couple of sketches of what could be interesting decor: 

We wanted any decorations to relate to the seasons and nature, themes that are quite important in this dungeon. In the end, we decided to go with the last sketch!

Above you can see the WIP. In the first step, I made some pretty basic tree trunks. At this point the only difference between them is the color. In the second step I added leaves to the trunks, while keeping the trunks the way they were. In the last step, I've repainted some of the trunks a little to give them some slight variance, while still keeping the symmetry. I also made the oval decorations between them, with colors symbolizing the four seasons. 

In the end, this is what the room looks like now, but there are still some details to be fixed: Fred is going to add some darker shades around the edges of the water, and there will be animated water around each of the trees!
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