One of the things we're currently working on is a couple of cutscenes which needed to be finished in order for us to update the beta. For Teddy, that means a lot of programming, for Fred it means he has to do a bunch of flavor animations, and for me it's time to give characters new expressions. 

This is what the Autumn Elder looks like in her default portrait. It's a facial expression that's pretty neutral and works with a lot of scenes, but not for this cutscene, where she needs to be a bit more angry and upset!

In order to make new expressions, I make a new folder on top of the finished painting and name it 'Expressions' so I know what to find in it. After that I make new layers, naming them after the expression I intend to paint, and start painting on top of the already finished portrait. 

Here we go: 

Expression 1: Angry/Upset looking

Expression 2: Another basic portrait, but more serious/grim this time.

Expression 3: Mindless, whatever could have happened to her..? :o
After finishing the expressions needed for the Autumn Fae, I do the same with the other characters that need new expressions in this cutscene. Below you can view all the expressions, as they look in the game.

Click on them to view their original size:

Autumn's expressions, on her sprite.

Summer only got 2 new expressions!

Winter got a couple as well :)
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