Fixing Things & Adding Drops

Sometimes you think you've completed something, but some testing and/or feedback shows you have to remake parts (or all) of it! This happened today with the obstacle course room that I showed you previously.

Here's what the entrance of the room originally looked like:

After some testing with the cutscenes and all graphics in place, we wanted to make some changes. For one, we wanted the room to have less winter and more of the other seasons. We also wanted the thorn-thingies on each side of the room to appear after you enter, so they had to be removed and inserted through a cutscene instead:

We also thought it's be cool if the room was winter to begin with, then having it change into a room of all seasons through magical means, so I did a version of it that's entirely winter, as well:

I've also been adding some decorations to the top part of the dungeon, on the walls, as can be seen here:

First version, no decorations

Decorations added!
In other news, we had a bit of a meeting today where we discussed what kind of items would drop in the dungeon. 

We agreed on that each of the enemies will drop their own hat, so that'll be a total of six hats to find in the dungeon! You're also gonna be able to find the hammer, spear and sword that the knights wield, and a bunch of other things (some which will be crafted). Here you can see a bunch of those drops: 

Since my part in making the Season Change temple is more or less done, we've started talking about what we'll do next. I'm quite a bit ahead of Teddy & Fred at this point since there's still a lot of animations that need to be made and implemented, so I've started sketching around making super basic concepts of another area, the one that will appear before the fourth (out of five!) temple.

Obviously what you see above is just some fooling around with colors and what kind of props we'd use, but basically we're thinking about making some kind of desert area, with some sort of twist.

That will, however, be a discussion we'll have tomorrow! Stay tuned and I'll let you know what we decide on (and feel free to share any ideas you might have in the comments) :D
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  1. Its looking very nice.
    Love the graphics style :)

  2. Ideas:
    Heat management,
    stay in shadows to cool down. Overheating drains EP, once EP is empty it drains HP.

    Monster Hordes,
    Think Frostlings...ON STEROIDS. Have a roaming Elite that gathers up monsters around the desert looking for a fight :3. Throw in some ranged and magic users. Maybe give them some summons as well?

    Skill and Environment Interaction,
    This is something I was really hoping to see more of in the temple of seasons. I'd really like to see certain skills provide access to secrets in the game....maybe even if that secret is just a good card farming spot...but kmon give us more hidden quests ;3. Examples: Water having the same chance of freezing as monsters when hit by frost nova, driver, Silver Ranked snowman should also be able to chill water to ice as it walks. Fire? Let us burn(or attempt to) down environmental blockades. Chain lightning could be used to turn lights on, maybe silver charge could give a boost against Enraged Toy Machine. short out his freaking bombs for 5 seconds in hard mode. Lets not forget about melee skills. Whirlslash to spins something. Slam to move something.

    Of course the desert needs an Oasis. Maybe an Oasis that can freeze over, get smashed in, and reveal a cave.