"Obstacle Course" Prototyping

Have you all been playing the latest update of the beta? It runs up to the Hydra mini-boss and was updated two days ago! If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to update your steam beta to give it a go.

The next step of the dungeon will be a couple of more rooms (with puzzles!) and an "obstacle course" where you'll make your way through some annoying environmental hazards as well as battling a bunch of extra difficult enemies! The last couple of days we've been working on testing a prototype of said obstacle course, and here you can see the three challenges you'll face:

Part One: Thorns  

In this part of the obstacle course you need to navigate your character through a space filled with thorns, with wind blowing you character in different directions! It's not too difficult, as it's only the first of three different obstacles you need to get through in one go, but it serves as an introduction of how the later part of the room will work!

Part Two: Fight!  

This fight is different from others in the temple as all enemies will be be using their special abilities! The fight consists of three waves that become increasingly difficult, and since the room is considered to be all seasons at once, there's no way to use season swapping as a way of making certain enemies easier.

Part Three: Thorns & Ice

The third and final part of the obstacle course consists of basically the same challenge as the first (wind and thorns) only this time you'll be performing on ice! It's quite difficult, especially after getting beaten by the enemies of step two, but I'm confident that with a bit of tweaking it'll be just enough of a challenge!
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