Obstacle Course Room Design

Remember the Obstacle Course from last week? Well, it's time to give it a proper room, rather than that silly place holder art :) 

Place holder sketch, courtesy of Teddy!
As usual, I start with the basics, adding the walls and, for now, a floor with just one color:

On each side of the room there will be these huge thorny thingies that will hurt you if you touch them! Here I've started to sketch them in a bit, so I know approximately how large I should make them: 

Since this room will contain all three seasons at once, this prop will need to be part frozen, part green and part dried out at once, which I've also indicated in the sketch above :) 

I take some time to render this thing in all three seasons and add a bunch of thorns to it except for in the area where you'll be fighting: 

The next step is to start decorating the floor! In this room there will be patches of autumn- and summer floors here and there, with snow lying atop it all:

Once I'm satisfied with the way the patches look, I start putting out details such as leaves, flowers and stone tiles:

Lastly, I create a simple edge to show where the ice part of the obstacle course begins, and fill in the ice. I also decorate the snow with tiles, frozen grass and flowers that are found in the winter rooms across the temple:

...and it's all done! Time to move that prototype into this rendered version of the map :)
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