Spring Lobby

As we've mentioned before, the Temple of Seasons will only contain 3 seasons; Winter, Summer and Autumn. However, once certain requirements have been met you'll be able to change some of the rooms to spring. The Lobby is one of them!

The Summer version
When making the spring version of the lobby, I'm using the Summer version (above) as the base, since both of them will contain a lot of green hues. 

Adjusting some colors
Step one is to adjust the colors. I change the walls into a more yellow-ish hue, and replace the yellow edges with green. I also adjust the color of the floor tile-pieces here and there to a more green hue as well. 

More color adjustments, greenery edits
The second step is to remove a bunch of greenery. Here I've removed most of the vines on the floor as well as all the flowers. I've also replaced the bushes next to the stairs with sprout-versions. I also adjusted color of the edges around the path!

Finished version with new trees & bushes!
In the third and final step, I create even more new greenery, such as smaller version of the bushes with buds instead of being full of leaves (or having none), as well as two new kinds of trees with buds of various sizes :)
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  1. Will there be flowers on some spring's trees? Cherry blossom or something would be awesome.

  2. ^ that would be a really nice addition. makes the two seasons stand out more from eachother. it would also make the area more pleasing to the eyes, as it's around 90% green right now.

  3. That's a pretty cool idea guys! Thanks for the suggestion :)