The Library

Did you do any reading these holidays? I sure did! And to celebrate, I also went on to upgrade the library of Evergrind City, which has, so far, been closed.

Once upon a time the library looked like what you see above. It was a time way back, when I still struggled with a lot of stuff regarding pixel art and making interesting layouts. It looks pretty meh, and the colors are quite drab compared to what the game looks like today.  

To begin, I started sketching what I'd like the new layout to look like. I wanted to have bigger bookcases and less space between them: it seemed a little weird to have a bunch of small ones next to each other with space inbetween. 

Second, I made the bookcases. I've already made bookcases for the housing system of the game, and I was quite happy with the way they looked so I decided to create similar looking ones (but in different sizes and colors) for the library. 

Above I've moved around and adjusted the carpets so they match the bookcases a bit better and look slightly fresher (yay for brighter colors)!

Since the front desk looked a bit old and wasn't as up to date as the new graphics, I decided to change it as well, which can be seen above.

Here I've updated the look of the tables, stools and various decorations around the room, which is almost complete! 

Finally, I add books to the bookcases and edit the color of the floor slightly, so that it matches the brighter design. Now, all we need is that librarian (which is Fred's job) and the library might yet open!
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