Decorating the Desert! ~ Map01, Part 1 ~

Instead of doing more walls, this time for the second desert map, I'll jump straight into decorating the first map! It's gonna take a lot of work to get these barren lands to feel interesting, but I'm up to the challenge. :) 

In this first part, I'll add some basics to the first map! I begin with sketching out whatever we want to add on a new layer, on top of the finished walls: 

The first thing that becomes apparent is that we need cave openings that lead into the mountain, so I start creating a basic version of that:

At first, I kind of wing it, sketching rocks however I want. In the end however, it looks the best if the door is somewhat symmetric, so I copy-paste one half and flip it over to make it look even, then repaint the two top rocks so it doesn't look completely mirrored.

I also make a version where the door is covered in rocks to prevent you from entering, as well as another version of the cave opening, featuring some kind of wooden cover:

The next step involves adding the height differences and stairs, as can be seen below:

There's nothing much to say here, except that the right staircase is temporary - you'll have to use a skill which you'll learn in the third temple to get past it once the desert area is in the game, but since we haven't figured out exactly how the skill will work yet, I've added basic stairs for now.

Moving on, I added some railroad pieces to the lower cave entrance:

I also started making a dead tree, seeing as we're gonna need some decorations to place here and there. It can't all be cacti, after all:

Finally I started working on the little camp site in the lower-left part of the map. Who will reside here isn't quite clear as of now, but we have a few ideas:

That's all for now! In the next post, I'll continue working on this map, this time by creating some of the bigger props and unique decorations! Stay tuned :)
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