Decorating the Desert! ~ Map01, Part 2 ~

This post will focus on how I made some of the bigger props decorating the first desert map! Working my way upwards from the camp, which can be seen in the last post along with the sketch for the place, I begin by creating this old arc-like thing: 

The biggest challenge with this piece was to somehow make it look old and worn. The idea was that it'd be a ruin of some sort, perhaps from some ancient civilization, so it couldn't look like it was made of plastic and bought yesterday! I think painting cracks and some color differences helped this issue quite well. 

The second piece I made was this mysterious stand for a season orb: 

Using this orb will help you unlock a quicker way to travel through this part of the desert, but I'll say no more than that for now! Also, I added a carpet of some sort in front of the orb, which can be seen later in this post. :) 

Lastly, I started painting the giant skeleton we wanted in the north-west part of the map: 

Since I haven't looked at too many skeletons, I found this to be a bit of a challenge, using references to the best of my ability. I kind of imagine it being a semi-dragon-like creature, which would be a tie-back to the arc I showed earlier in the post. Or maybe just a giant cow with large teeth.. :D

Anyway, there might be a quest involving this skeleton at some point, or perhaps there won't! We'll see :)

For now, here's what this part of the area looks, all decorations in place, with a before-and-after shot:

What's remains to be done now is a road on the other side of the map and a bunch of other decorations that need to be  created and added to various places along the map (especially the upper levels which are quite bland now, as you can see).

That will be done in Part 3, however, so stay tuned! :D
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