Decorating the Desert! ~ Map01, Part 3 ~

The final part of decorating Map01 of the desert area! This time, it's all about the tiny details. Bushes, cacti, rocks - all the small things that gets placed around the map to create a sense of life, if you will. 

Here's the area the way we left it yesterday: 

I quickly figured out that the decorations we already had wouldn't be enough, so I set about making a few more. Here's a smaller version of the tree from part 1 of this series, a broken version of the pillars of part 2 and a few bushes that I imported from the Temple of Seasons and adjusted to fit this map:

After creating these, it's all about placing them all around the map, in places where I think they'd fit well. I try to remember to keep certain areas more open so there's room to fight (plus you don't want your eyes to become overwhelmed)!

After doing this, the only thing that remains is creating a puzzle of some sorts for the phase plate mirrors, but we'll save that for we actually get to implement this area :)

Here's what the map looks like, with all the decorations in place:

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  1. Hi, Its it possible to have that skull opening up showing a hidden passage to a underground level (dungeon) as a secondary quest or a secret thing to do in game?

    Thanks for your great work keep it up :)

  2. Thanks man! :)
    Let's just say, it's not impossible! We wish to add a lot of hidden/optional content as we progress, but it all depends on how well the game is received and how long it'll take us to finish :)

  3. I´m Sorry but I have no idea how steam works for a developer, but if possible I think you guys should but it for sale on steam as a early access so people start buying it, I´m sure people will love it cus the game is really good at this point and with the updates that will come it just going to get better...

    I just wanna give one more Idea...
    On this type of game people love those things: Drops (every one love the feeling of getting something rare and cool), Hided places (dungeons to test skills and farm) and Bosses to Kill (Its really cool when you are walking and one mini boss for example spawn on you).

    So I wish the best for you guys and hope it sales a lot so in the future a sequel come :P

    Greetings from Brazil