Decorating the Desert! ~ Map02, Part 1 ~

Time for another series of "Decorating the Desert!" ;) 

This time it's, of course, Map02 that will have the spotlight. Yesterday we added some walls to the area, today it's time to begin decorating! 

A sketch showing approx. what decorations are needed!
For this map, I begin working on the lower right corner, starting with the house. This house is a bit different compared to the other houses in Grindea, as we wanted it to fit in better in the desert rather than being your regular wooden cottage:

Next to the house is a well. We weren't entirely sure what color we wanted it to be - should it be the same as the rocks, or the same as the house? In the end, I began by making it the same color as the rocks, but once I was done I changed the colors around and made a second version matching the house.

We all agreed the second one was better and fit better with its surroundings, so for now it's gonna be white as well :)

Next thing I began working on was a bridge! There's gonna be a bunch of bridges around this area, but I started with the on in the top-right part of the map.

As usual when I work with pixel art, I begin with a sketch which I turn into line art, then start filling in basic colors before finally changing the line art color to match the colors of the item:

There's gonna be a bridge next to the house as well, though it may not look like it in the sketch!
Instead of going up a set of stairs, like in Map01, you'll actually pass over some of that tainted-looking water on a bridge. So, after adding some more walls (yay..) and water, I used the bridge I already made as a base and made a vertical version of it:

After adding some decorations, the lower right part of the map finally looks a bit more interesting, and I'll move on to the rest of the map shortly:

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