Decorating the Desert! ~ Map02, Part 2 ~

Part two of decorating the second desert map! When we left this place yesterday, this is what it looked like: 

Today I'm gonna show the work on the lower left part of the map, which leads into a second, smaller town of sorts :)

To begin with, we need some water and a bridge that we can pass over to get to the town:

The bridge is actually broken from the beginning, and needs to be fixed
through doing a mini-quest in order for you to pass over it :)

Then it's time to add the town wall! Since this town won't be a true desert town (more of a harbor town actually), we decided to add some greenery around the town wall to foreshadow the fact that there won't be anymore sand where you're going :)

Then it's all about decorations! I add more cacti, trees, pottery, you name it... There's also a bunch of wood on a blanked where the guy who will fix the bridge will be standing!

Tomorrow I'll post the third and final part of decorating this desert map, where it'll all come together!
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