Decorating the Desert! ~ Map03 ~

Alright, time to decorate the final desert map (or what has been made of it yet, anyways)! Since I'm sure you all (me included) are pretty tired of these desert maps by now, I'll just finish this up in one post this time. After all, it's not even that big of a map, so whatever!

Here's the map where we left it yesterday, with all walls in place:

As you can see, I've already gone over the area with a black paintbrush, making rough sketches on top of the original sketch, showing where I want certain decorations to be and approximately what I want them to look like.

I start off by adding the Grindea statue (each big area will have one of these), and some water in which you'll be able to fish:

In the left part of the map you have to solve a season-change phase-shift puzzle which we haven't finished creating yet, so for now I simply add the water you can't cross over and the season orb:

In the top right, there's a temple, some tents and a couple of archaeologists (which haven't been created yet)! And here's the WIP of that piece:

And in the end, with a bunch of more details and the rest of the decorations added, this is what the third and final desert map looks like for now:

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